ACLH, Adam Radly chairman and CEO, is pleased to announce its acquisition of ACL Computers and Software, Inc. Mr. Radly is also chairman and CEO of  Inova Technology. In combination with its subsidiaries, Desert Communications and Trakkers, Inova provides technology solutions to a wide variety of customers, with particular focus on schools and the trade show industry.

computer distribution company sold by mergers and acquisitions advisor

ACL is a government contractor engaged in the sale of computer hardware, software and related items to federal government end-users. ACL has vendor partner relationships with many major vendors including Apple, Cisco, Dell, IBM, Intel, HP, McAfee, Microsoft, Sony and Symantec. With sales in excess of $30 million and growing, ACL’s customers include large prime contractors such as Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Boeing, ManTech and Northrop. ACL is recognized as an industry leader and has garnered numerous awards, including Lockheed Martin’s Small Business of the Year Award and Boeing’s Performance Excellence Award - three times each.

Mr. Radly is excited about adding ACL to his family of technology businesses. Mr. Radly believes that ACL’s expertise, vendor partnerships and loyal client base will augment Inova’s current offerings and provide multiple opportunities for synergistic growth.

Prime Investments Business Brokers and M&A Advisors acted as intermediary in the transaction. Prime Investments represents business owners in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC. (and beyond), and attracts buyers from the US and from around the world.