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Prime takes the risk out of selling. For over 30 years, mid-Atlantic area  business owners have relied on the expert Business Brokers and M&A Advisors at Prime to sell their businesses for the highest price without paying any up-front fees!

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When you partner with Prime, upfront fees and monthly retainers take a hike. Unlike other business brokers or M&A advisors, Prime never charges upfront fees or retainers; we earn our Success Fee only when your sale actually closes. Our interests are aligned with yours -- to structure the strongest deal at the highest price. Prime's "no up-front fee" model has proved attractive to business owners throughout the mid-Atlantic and Southeast.

Prime takes the risk out of selling!

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We get it. No one except you, the buyer and your advisors should know your business is for sale. Prime's Six-Step Security System ensures that your deal remains confidential. Your Prime Business Broker Advisor will screen and vet all prospective buyers, have them sign strict Non-Disclosure Agreements, shield you and your company from direct buyer contact, use only confidential phone numbers and email accounts for communication, and conduct all meetings either off-site or after hours. The confidentiality of your transaction is our first concern.

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Although we concentrate on selling businesses located in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania and Delaware, Prime Investments Business Brokers has an extensive national database of qualified buyers -- equity funds, high net worth entrepreneurs and other companies actively seeking acquisitions. Prime selects the best buyers for your business and delivers results that meet or exceed your expectations!

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