Middle-Market Business Broker in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania business broker

Prime Investments is a middle-market business broker with offices conveniently located in Philadelphia, PA. Prime gives business owners across the state peace of mind when selling their businesses. For more than 30 years, we have used our extensive experience and resources to successfully complete hundreds of middle-market business transactions. Our clients have spanned a variety of industries, such as construction, manufacturing, service, and IT, making us the best resource for all matters relating to the sale of your Pennsylvania business.  

We’re On Your Side

Our business philosophy hinges on the idea that we can build a process based on shared goals and trust by aligning our interests with those of our clients. Our motivation is the same motivation that our clients hold—to sell your business to the best buyer at the best price. We don’t charge any up-front fees or retainers. We don’t charge any appraisal fees. In fact, we don’t charge anything until and unless we sell your business. The only fee we charge is a “Success Fee” at the completion of a successful business transaction. The amount of the fee is based on the price that your business is sold for.  

Prime's Nine-Step Process

Our decades of experience have given us valuable insight into the sale of middle-market businesses in Pennsylvania. Our Nine-Step Sales Process has proven time and time again to be an effective and risk-free method of selling your business. Here’s how it works:  

  1. No-Fee Initial Consultation.Discuss your specific business and personal goals with your Prime Advisor.
  2. No-Fee Confidential Appraisal. Receive a business appraisal consisting of detailed valuation spreadsheets based on current and historical financial information and unique marketplace characteristics. 
  3. Move Forward or Not—You Decide Risk-Free. After receiving your business valuation and being presented with our “Success Fee,” decide whether you would like to move forward with the sales process. If you decide to halt the process at this point, you won’t owe us a dime. 
  4. Preparation of Your Confidential Information Memorandum. Your Prime Advisor creates a custom prospectus to present your business to potential buyers.  
  5. Choosing the Right Buyer. Prime Investments uses a unique three-tiered approach to match the right buyer to your businesses: 
    1. Prime’s Database of Active Buyers. Prime maintains a database of buyers who are actively searching for business acquisitions. These potential buyers include high-net-worth entrepreneurs, private equity funds, and other companies. 
    2. Discreet Online Advertising. Prime attracts and carefully qualifies new buyers with “blind” ads (never identifying your company) on websites that host business buying and selling activity. 
    3. Proactive Marketing. Prime locates companies that may have an interest in acquiring your business. Geography, industry, and size are all important factors when determining the most qualified buyers.  
  6. Managing the Offer and Negotiation Process. Sit back as your Prime Advisor handles all aspects of the negotiation process, from the initial meetings with buyers to soliciting serious offers. 
  7. Managing the Purchase Agreement Process. Your Prime Advisor will manage every step of the purchase agreement process including soliciting Letters of Intent, creating a strict due diligence timeline, and insulating you from dealing with transaction attorneys.
  8. Referring Professionals. Retaining an attorney and an accountant with experience in business transactions is essential to a successful sale. Your Prime Advisor will, at the appropriate time, refer you to the most qualified professionals to ensure your interests are protected as your deal progresses toward closing.
  9. Overcoming Obstacles to Closing.Rest assured that your Prime Advisor will assist you in overcoming any challenges that arise in the closing process and will guide your sale to a successful conclusion. 

When trusting Prime Investments as your Pennsylvania middle-market business broker, you will embark on a proven process to confidentially sell your business—without risk—to the best buyer at the highest price. Contact our team today to learn more.